Aquarely is our classic permanent cream colour range and comes in salon economical 100ml tubes.

The collection includes 103 low ammonia colours in 11 colour families, as well as 5 concentrate colours and clear that allows you to colour balance and create intensity.

Aquarely is  a rich colour palette that lets you be the artist and really offer that technical bespoke colour service.

Micro pigments penetrate deep into the keratin cavity of the hair. There is less damage to the hair due to partial opening of the cuticle layer. Wheat proteins ensure strength, softness and smoothness to the hair.



  • Predictable, accurate and consistent colour results
  • Guaranteed  vibrant, shiny, long lasting colour
  • Natural looking complete grey coverage
  • Hair will be healthy, fed,full bodied
  • Hair feels smooth, soft, silky and hydrated.